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To register your school (and those who received a letter from MOE/JPN), please click “Schools”.

To participate as an individual, please click “Individual”.

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School Registration

If you’d like your school to be part of the programme, please select 2 students and 1 teacher to join the workshop, and click the link below to register.

Schools selected by the Ministry of Education or JPNs to participate will have to choose this option.

Individual Registration

If you’d like to participate in the workshop as an individual, register in the link below! We welcome everyone aged 25 and below, whether you’re with a school or not.

This is also for those who’ve heard from us through the media or our partner organisations.

What is the Kindness Workshop?

The Kindness Workshop by #StandTogether is a fun, interactive programme to teach students AND teachers two very important skills – KINDNESS and EMPATHY.

These skills will increase your emotional intelligence, which bring many benefits, such as:

1. Improved relationships
You’ll learn to understand and communicate with your friends & family better.

2. Improved learning abilities
Empathy has been shown to improve academic performance!

3. A happier, more successful life!
Emotional intelligence can be the key to a happy and successful career 🙂