We learn through examples, which is why we’ve created the Kindness Awards to make examples out of individuals that have been empathic, loving and kind. We hope that putting them on the spotlight will push all of us to be better.

Take a look at last year’s winners!


Ms. Maureen Ramadas Dellow

Ms. Maureen has always loved being around kids. Her mission in life is to teach kids what they need to know and assist them to become better versions of themselves. Not having kids of her own, she sees that being a teacher surrounded by children is a calling.


Muhd Aisy Abdul Aziz

Noticing scattered pencils all over the school, Aisy started collecting it and put out a call on social media for more pencils. He collected over 9000 pencils and distributed it to kids in rural areas.



Norizan Mamat

No ordinary security guard, he keeps a watchful eye on students. When he notices anyone is under the weather, he will inform the parent of the child. He’s looked up to by all the students as someone kind, loving and approachable.



Pn. Ainon Salehuddin

Every morning Pn Ainon is at the gate greeting the students with a smile. Her aim is to make students feel at home. She’s also driven a school-wide program to visit impoverished students at home and understand their situation.

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