A nationwide campaign to end school violence and bullying through kindness

Approximately 84% of Malaysian children experience some form of bullying before they turn 18, with psychological effects reaching as far as adulthood.

These experiences very often lead to depression, anxiety, loss of self worth, substance abuse, attempted suicide and actual suicide in millions of children’s lives.

And some of those who do manage to escape it either do so by fighting back, entering gangs for protection, or becoming bullies themselves, because hurt people hurt people.

Let’s put a stop to bullying

Join the campaign to create a national kindness week week in schools throughout Malaysia!


#StandTogether is a campaign to call on the Ministry of Education to make the first week of every April an official national kindness week. Everyone can get involved. We will set up a resource centre here on this website, so anyone (students, parents, teachers, former students, etc.) can download the materials and volunteer to run “kindness” activities in their schools